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" The last book of the Bible, called Revelation, gives a history of the Christian church from beginning to finish. In Revelation chapters 2 & 3 the seven churches of Asia portray the full history of Christianity. It is so clear when you read it and compare it to church history. With this perspective we would most likely be in the time period of the Philadelphia Church (chapter 3:7-13). The Philadephia church is told to stand for the Word of God and the Name of Jesus and look for the Rapture [coming of the Lord] or deliverance of the Church from a future Tribulation coming on the earth. It is interesting the majority of churches today do not teach these truths, leaving their people wandering in confusion, uncertain of what is coming and having no direction. 



HA Baker, the great missionary to China, reported in his book that the Lord Jesus spoke to one of the children in his orphanage many years ago during a prayer meeting:



2. Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. If you tarry and believe, I will baptize you.


Historically when the Holy Spirit has been poured out on the earth with the sign of speaking in supernatural languages (tongues) the message of God has accompanied it. If God's message was not received His judgment followed. We can see this in Acts 2. Some 30 years later Jerusalem was overrun by the Romans and razed after the Gospel was not welcomed by the majority when the apostles preached it. In the early 20th Century in Armenia the Christians were warned by God supernaturally the same way and those that refused the message were left behind and destroyed by persecution. These events were regional. Now in the 20th and 21st century we have had a world-wide outpouring of the Holy Spirit with tongues and the message of the Gospel is going everywhere. Only God knows how long before He will remove His grace and work and then the Great Tribulation will follow spoken of by Moses, Daniel, Jeremiah and Jesus the Messiah. Now is the time to call on the LORD and be eternally saved. 


The New Testament is a new Covenant God has made with his people. It includes salvation and a place with Him in the next life. In this life He has given us the following blessings and privileges...

A. The New Birth-a total transformation of personality and spiritual condition

B. Baptism in the Holy Spirit- Receiving the Power and Presence of God in a supernatural way

C. Hearing the Voice of God

D. Finding the Will and Purpose of God for our Lives.

Everyone is looking for meaning and direction today. This is not new. It has always been the human quest. Jesus came and opened the door to a life of meaning, purpose, salvation and blessing for all who follow Him wholly.


A life lived here for God is a life well-lived and has an added blessing of an eternal inheiritance. 
























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